Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Talk, Talk, Talk... - Toddler Tuesday

My 3 yr old, "J", loves to talk. He was a quiet kid for a lonnnng time, and then once he started talking...he never quit. I hear his voice in my head even when he's not around! He always cracks me up, and he tries so hard to talk like an adult. He has also started using his hands when he talks, which makes him seem so much more serious/hilarious. A few funny things that have made me laugh lately:
We were all pretty sick with a nasty cold last week, and my home teachers wife called and asked if we would like dinner. I said yes, of course! I was so exhausted that I knew it would just be another grilled cheese night. She let me know that they would bring some spaghetti over. Jonas asked if he could have some dinner with us and I told him "yes." He asked what the home teachers were bringing and when I said spaghetti he threw his hands in the air and said "Oh! That's HORRIBLE! I don't like that!"

He has also been saying "Lady Gaga" lately, which completely confuses me since I don't listen to Lady Gaga? Maybe we rocked out in the car once and he remembers?

There are countless other things that he says and I just have to laugh. He is such a sweet boy, though. I was having an especially rough time a while back, and as I was crying he came over and said "Don't be sad, Mommy. Dad will be home from work soon to hug you and make you feel better."
Little kids are so sweet :)

p.s. why don't kids come with volume control???

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