Friday, April 1, 2011

First Post

I quit updating my personal blog back in 2009. We moved back home (Eastern Idaho) and I figured, why should I blog when my family and friends are here to see everything? But I miss writing out my thoughts, and I miss sharing those thoughts with other people. Solution? A blog with varying topics that I want to write about. 
I have no intentions of posting daily, but when I do want to post, all I have to do is check the list and see what that days topic is. 

Spiritual Sunday - most likely something from church that day that I learned...

Make It Monday - I'll share something I have made, whether it's crafting or sewing or...whatever!

Toddler Tuesday - What I've learned from my babies :)

Whatever Wednesday - Wednesday is a break day for me, I can post about WHATEVER is on my mind.

Tasty Thursday - I love to cook, so I'll share my favorite recipes/cooking blogs/etc.

Faithful Friday - I most likely won't be posting on Sundays very often, so Faithful Friday gives me more of an opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about my faith.

Snapshot Saturday - I love photography, so this will give me a spot to share some of my favorite photos, or even just pictures of our everyday life. 

If you're reading this, I hope you enjoy the posts :) Become a follower, and if you especially like a post, just click one of the 'share' buttons underneath each post, and spread the joy :)

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