Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2nd Dose - Todder Tuesday

Ok, I seriously had no intentions of making two posts today...but how can I NOT blog about what just happened?

I had been nursing my baby in his room, and he had fallen asleep so I was trying to burp him. I assumed J, my ever trustworthy toddler, was doing something to keep busy...and then I heard the front door being unlocked. He has left the house several times, which worries and upsets me because I have told him and told him to NOT leave the house. I thought, well maybe he is just opening the front door and won't go out. Then I heard the storm door open and close. Great, I thought. He's gone.
I stood up with baby G, trying to be as gentle as possible so as to not wake him. I come around the corner from the hallway and see J disappear around the door. From the quick glimpse I caught of him I was able to assess that he had no pants on and no diaper on. He was wearing black tennis shoes (no socks), and an Incredibles t-shirt.
Yup. Naked from the waist down. And I had a baby in my arms and half of my shirt still up. I couldn't go out and get him without risking public nudity myself! Thankfully, and I have no idea why, he actually listened to me and ran in the house. I had to call the hubs and tell him about it, and he said I should have taken a picture. Yeah, right! My main concern was getting him in the house before he ran down the block!

Normally, this would upset me, possibly infuriate me, but today it just made me laugh. When he saw me watching him his eyes were huge and he looked like he was freezing out there. Perhaps the weather was a bit more chilly than he thought it was when he stripped off his diaper....

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